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Artistic Life

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I graduated from the Contemporary Dance school of the San Martín Theatre and from the National Acting School “Cunill Cabanellas”.

I grew up in a family of dancers, so dancing was always present in my life. When I was 8 years old, I started working in Sara Benitez's Paraguayan Dance Ballet.

I studied classical piano with Jorge Fontenla and then I continued with Carmen Gómez Carrillo, who was also my singing teacher.

At the age of 18 I decided to start professionally with contemporary dance and acting. At the end of the 2 official schools I was a dancer in the Youth Ballet of the San Martín Theatre directed by Oscar Araiz and I participated in various plays and films.

Years later, living in the Netherlands, I began my work as a choreographer and musician/author. So I decided to enter the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, where I had Jan Laurens Hartong as a Latin Jazz piano teacher.

When I returned to Argentina, I taught Movement Analysis at the Contemporary Dance School of the San Martín Theatre, UNSAM and Brecha dance therapy.

For a few years I was a choreography and stage director assistant, until I started doing my own work. Tal vez el Viento, Soy 3, Las Isofónicas are some of the titles of my first works.

I wanted to expand my knowledge of piano improvisation so I approached Mono Fontana as a source of great inspiration.

For more than 30 years I have worked as a dancer, actress, choreographer and stage director of operas. I am a singer, accordionist, keyboardist and lyricist/composer. We edited 5 albums with Pablo Gimenez with songs of our authorship. My last experimental musical project was done with Alejandro Bonatto called musiQ. Currently I share performances with artists from Japan, such as Yoshitake Expe and Kyoko Tsutsui.

In recent years I began my studies of SumiE with Cristina Ishikawa and I am currently continuing in Kyoto with Masui Kono.

Youtube — soycecielias
Soundcloud — cecielias
Spotify — Tal vez el Viento
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